Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Aren’t we are migrant workers as well?

I am currently reading Factory Girls – Voices From The Heart of Modern China by Leslie Chang. It makes me think, am I a migrant worker as well because I leave my hometown in search for work like the millions of Chinese who left their village? The fact is that me and my friends are!

Most of us leave home after university in search of work as work opportunities in hometown is very limited. Only a few were lucky to stay back and inherit their family business while some opt to work for low wages at home because luck were not on their side.I am lucky that I got a good job with office around the world and I do not have to travel far in search for one and my hometown is only two hours’ drive away.
With my ex colleagues to celebrate Zarina's birthday (third from left) We are migrant workers. Sashi ( second from left) is now in Penang, Nur ( fourth form left) is in Singaopore while Zarina and I come from Perak.

Each year, Malaysia exports the best students to work in Singapore and other countries because of racial discrimination, limited employment opportunities and low wages. I have countless of friends who work in Singapore, England and Australia. The government have change their policy to encourage more non bumioutra to join the public sector and properly promoted regardless of race. They also have to abolish the New Economy Policy to attract more foreign investment. Until the change, we will have a serious brain drain.
Sometimes I am also tempted to leave Malaysia for good but I will stay on because I want to serve the people and contribute to my country.
In Malaysia, there are two classes of migrant workers. The first class belongs to locals who left their hometown in search for work in big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The second class belongs to those from Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are always Ill-treated by their bosses and their wages are very low.
Some local migrant workers were successful while some were not but most of them belong to the middle class category. Each of them has their own story to tell, you just have to ask around and I would like to recommend you to read Chang’s book because you will find the stories about the migrants in China and similar to ours.

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