Friday, 30 December 2011

Who is the actual father of modern China?

This blog will create debate and will invite criticism against me but I am merely expressing my thoughts about Dr Sun Yet Sen who claimed to be the father of modern China and the man who defeated the Manchu court.

The Communist China and Kuomintang Taiwan revered this man to the extent that every morning, before the start of class, school children in Taiwan will bow to the portrait of this man. To me, this man does not fit to be the father of modern China.

Yes, he did go around the world to solicit support from overseas Chinese in monetary terms to rebel against the Ching dynasty but he also promised his donors that he will reward them with mandarin positions when he gain power. Isn’t this is some sort of corruption?

He initiated many rebellions against the Manchu court but none of it was successful and he had to run for his life many times. The Wuhan rebellion that brought to the end of the Ching dynasty were not done by his people but by other groups that also rebelled. Sun was in Hong Kong at that time and he claimed credit for it.

He is a man without principle. He flirted with America and Soviet Union for his revolution and later to solicit their support for him to be the President of China. He also betrayed his friend and financier, Charlie Song by marrying Song Qingling who can fit to be his daughter.

He was a weak leader. He only became the President for not more than two months when Yuan Shikai seized power from him. He left a divided China with warlords controlling various parts of China and died a heart broken man. This man doesn’t deserve to be the father of modern China or 国父. The father of modern China should be Mao Zedong, as he is the one that kick out the warlords, won over Chiang Kai Shek and unified the whole China.
Although my feng shui knowledge is limited, I can see that the feng shui at his final restaing place have flaws, Our whole family at Dr Sun's mausoleum, Nanjing, circa 2003

Even his mausoleum in Nanjing was of bad feng shui as confirmed by Joey Yap, a renowned feng shui master. Either this by purpose or just coincidence, we do not know.

Well, why the China and Taiwan revered him?  The reason is simple, they both need a man whom they said is father of modern China and the person that united China to as an excuse to justify their claim for unification. If Sun is really important, why he doesn’t deserve a place in Tiananmen Square? Even Confucius, once denounced badly during the Cultural Revolution now has his statue in Tiananmen Square within the sight of Mao’s mausoleum and the Great Hall of People.

You may say that I am wrong but I stand by my convictions.

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