Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012

It is time to say good bye to 2011 that is full of calamities, from Arab Spring to a series of earthquakes, floods and landslides that killed many innocent people. According to feng shui, all these happened because the heavenly stems and the earthly stems in the “phat chee” of 2011 crashed with one another. We can expect a much peaceful and quiet 2012 or will it be the end of the world as predicted by some based on the Mayan calendar?

I celebrated the arrival of 2012 standing by the side of the Yarra River in Melbourne with thousands of others watching the countdown and the fireworks. It was a spectacular.
So, what do I expect in 2012 ? Elections year and lots of “urgent” files and cases has been piling up in my office and that means a busy year ahead. On the home front, I am still not prepared to be a mother. As for travelling, I plan to visit Japan again and probably will visit my younger brother in US.


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