Friday, 30 December 2011

Politicians oh politicians

All political parties have their own squabbling and it is always about seat in the election, more precisely safe seat. 

Trouble is brewing in DAP again. This time it is between “godfather” Karpal Singh and “warlord” Prof. P Ramasamy. It happened when Prof Ramasamy mentioned that the party will fill female Indians in the coming election and that irked Seri Delima representative RSN Rayer and later Karpal Singh. Karpal who had been in the party for decades were never comfortable with Ramasamy, a newbie and parachute candidate who one day be able to replace him as the Indian face in the party.
Guan Eng as the Chief Minister and Chow Kon Yew as the state DAP chairman have to settle the differences between Karpal and Ramasamy carefully without stroking the camel’s back and losing the support for the party. DAP is well known to have problem retaining talented people. So many talented people came and go. When someone that is talented joined the party and got the attention of the press, others scared that their position will be challenged so they will start to plot for the talented one to leave. Lee Lam Thye, Hu Sepang, Wee Choo Keong, Kua Kia Song and many more…and this includes me.
Guan Eng should know who can serve the people and who can’t. I was even told that the party is now divided into three gangs, one under Guan Eng, one under Chow Kon Yeow and one under Danny Law. AlthoughI have left DAP for 8 years but I still follow the developments in the party and most of the time, reporter friends will update me about what is going on inside the party.
Danny Law’s achievement as the Exco member for tourism has been disappointing and he should be replaced. Tourism in Penang does not prosper under him. When I was in DAP, we used to say that Datuk Kee Pek Cheen done a bad job but Danny is even worse. He handled the dragon boat incident badly. Nearly 4 years into his job, what has he done? Danny, I have nothing personal against you eventhough you hate me.
Koid Teng Guan has a long relationship with the Lim family but he is such a disgrace as he copy blankly a former state assemblyman’s questions and ask it during the sitting. He can’t even speak proper Bahasa Malaysia.  Guan Eng should replace him with someone in the next election as he is not a YB material. Even novice like Lau Keng Ee is better than him.
Another person that Guan Eng should drop as a candidate is Tan Cheng Heng, representative of Bagan Lalang. The land issue related to him and his brother tarnished Guan Eng’s CAT government. In May this year, my parents and I followed a tour to the Silk Road. Among the fellow travel mates were his brother Tan Chong Hock. He said he is a Datuk but I checked with colleagues from MCA and the press, nobody can confirm that he is a Datuk. By the way, both of them were formally from MCA.
The journey from one destination to the other is very long. He knew who I am and one day, while travelling from Turpan, he came to me and berated about MCA is a corrupted party, the President of MCA is sacked him from the party because of the phantom members issues in Bukit Mertajam MCA ( I was later told that he and his brother leave on their own accord, not being sacked and also because he can’t get certain government projects) and all the bad things that he could say about MCA.  I hate him instantly.
During the trip, he also talked to his friends about his YB brother, Tan Cheng Heng can help them to get certain projects with his connections. His friends treated him like demi-gods, calling him Datuk here and Datuk there. A few months after the trip, I read about him and his YB brother’s land issue in the paper. What a corrupted person !!

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