Sunday, 18 December 2011

My biography Part 1

In the peaceful surroundings of Melbourne in spring on which I am currently on holiday, I am glad that I have the time to reflex about myself. Naturally, most people’s reflections will start with childhood but mine’s starts with where I am today, what drove me and what achievements that I had made and of course the mistakes that I made along the way.

I won’t be where I am today if I do not leave the DAP some 8 years ago to join the MCA even though many friends mentioned that if I have stayed, I would be a State Assembly Woman or a Member of Parliament. Another version is what if I did not leave New Zealand? To me, all that is only a probability and no one can foresee the future. Politics in Malaysia is a very different from politics in New Zealand where backstabbing or rumours spreading is not a norm for one to get to the top. After leaving the DAP and also frontline politics, I was lying low with background political role in MCA and subsequently was given chance to be in the private sector, back to law practice and climbed my way to be a partner in an international law firm. Till today, the person I respected the most in DAP is my former boss, Chow Kon Yeow. I have no regret. The rest is history.
With this, it is not that I sway away from my principle in helping out the people. These days, I contribute to the society and help people in different ways and the scope of it was even bigger. One day, when I am ready and if the opportunity exists, I will be back to frontline politics.
My parents run a petrol station in Teluk Intan, my hometown where mom is the “Finance Minister”. I am the eldest of three with two brothers. Dad is an easygoing one but when he is angry – we can expect a good lashing from him. His tutorage and canning do shaped me to do well in education. “Kiasuism” also runs rifle in the family especially between the cousins and that also naturally put a pressure into me to excel in this and that. When we were small, our parents will always compare our academic achievements and now, with most of us married, the topic changed to how well is our husband’s achievements in everything. This kind of competition has its pros and cons but it is common in large families.

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