Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Friends, Comrades and Adversaries


What is the meaning of “friend”? The scope is too big to list down one by one. A single word of “hello” can form a friendship for life and not necessary is friendship ends with “bye”. More often than not they end with bitter quarrel or not a single word at all.  
We come across all sorts of friends. There are some that became very close friends while some remain mere acquaintance or casual friends and of course there are those that take advantage of us or those that never contact us unless help is needed.
Friendship is a strange thing as we can come from the same place but met while we are somewhere else or it can be that friendship is only forged after knowing each other for years. Of course there are enemies that turn to be good friends or vice versa. I believe that for two persons to meet and be friends is a fate. The Chinese have a saying that 有缘千里来相会,无缘对面不见峰 (fate made two person to know one another despite a thousand miles away but without fate, you don’t even see the mountain in front of you.)

I had always tried to make as many friends as possible rather than making enemies. My philosophy regarding friends is that to be nice to friends we will never know when we will need their help. Nevertheless, I do have a handful of adversaries and they are the people that I can’t forgive or there is no chance at all for us to be friends.

Many of them used to be my comrades when I was in DAP. They did all sorts of things against me because of jealousy and also because I am Chow Kon Yeow’s blue eyed-girl at that time. When I knew that they failed in the 2004 general election and again fail to be the candidate in the 2008 elections, I was thrilled with joy. If I couldn’t be a people’s representative, you guys too! But I do have to thank them for making me to leave DAP which leads me to where I am today.

In Inner Mongolia with Jessica (first from left) and Maggie Cui from Beijing (center), circa 2009

I am very lucky that I do have a few very close friends and many other friends that I can look for when I need help. In particular, I have to mention Jessica a.k.a little ben. We have known one another for many years and we housemates before this. Currently pursuing her Master in Melbourne, she is funny and cheeky but serious when it comes to work and her convictions. We travelled frequently and have been to many places especially China and Australia. We share many happy moments together. She is also the person that understands me the most.

We are like family members. To York Hong’s right is Chef Wong and to my left is Wilfred Wong, circa 2011.

To former and current staffs from Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel, I would want to thank you for taking care of my diet when I was having protein inflammation in my blood for many years, for serving many delicious dishes to me and my guests and above all, for your great service. Credits should be given to the sous chef – Chef Wong who is like a fatherly figure to me. Also to Mr Wilfred Wong, May Chan, Viki Leong, Alice Chan, Shannish Tang, Chiou Yen, Wayne, U-Keong, Emily, Ah Kit and the rest.

There are many of you - my best friends that I would like to mention. I will duly put it in this blog later. Thank you so much for being my friend and for sharing good and bad times together.

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