Monday, 19 December 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

While walking back from lunch today, I passed by Degraves Street and suddenly I came across “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen being displayed by the window of a bookshop. The next thing that comes into my mind was the son in-law Khairy’s boutique at Pavilion Shopping Center in downtown KL. Then I wondered if his shop is still around so I checked on the net and confirmed that it is still around. Silly me, how can his shop close down?

What an irony for that name as it reflects Abdullah’s attitude of not listening to the truth. If he would have listened, the BN won’t lose its two third majorities in the parliament and 3 states to the Pakatan Rakyat. If he would have listened, he will still be the prime minister today. If he would have listened, he would have gotten the votes from the Chinese and Indians that is so crucial to the BN. And finally, if he would have listened, he would have had a strong control of the party, the cabinet and the son in-law (Remember the Zakaria mansion in Port Klang?) Of all, he chose to be the Emperor and turn up naked.

Till today, I still can’t understand why the Abdullah before becoming the prime minister is a very different one after becoming the prime minister. Could it be like the Chinese idiom saying 得意忘形 – lost control of oneself after gaining power? Or he is senile? I think Dr Mahathir can’t explain this as well. If he would have a slightest known, he would never hand over the power to Abdullah.

The damage he brought to BN and the country as a whole is huge. Najib and other BN component party leaders are still struggling to win back the votes. The Malays despise him for only giving government projects to selected few close cronies (Have not heard of Patrick Lim and Scomi for quite a while). The Chinese disliked him for not managing the economy of the country well and directly affecting their rice bowls. The Indians felt that they are the ignored ones and the decision to send FRU to dissolve the Hindraf protest and to put its leaders under ISA is a very big mistake.

Abdullah is so weak that he can’t even control his cabinet. If the source is correct, he did not even know that his Home Minister had detained a DAP politician and a Sin Chew Daily reporter under ISA. I am not surprised that Chan Kong Choy will be found guilty for cheating him about the PKFZ issue. I am also inclined to believe it when people mentioned that he slept during cabinet meeting.

His flip flop about policies to his new marriage to dissolution of parliament delivered a big blow to the BN. Why can’t he just be frank when he is getting married and when he intends to dissolve the parliament? His flip flow drew investors away, made the relationship with neighbouring countries tense and hurt the country’s economy and credibility.

What happened now to all his “corridors”? Is the “Shenzhen” to Singapore going on track? Is the northern region corridor, east coast corridor, Sabah and Sarawak corridors showing any success? The answer is no, no and no.

Abdullah cannot claim that he is the benevolent emperor and his servants could be corrupt as in the feudal times. He is the ignorant emperor and his servants just keep quiet in order to save their positions. In the end, all his yes man servants fall togther with him.

Another question that people will commonly ask is “what has he done to this country?” I will leave this to historians to judge it in future.

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